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2013 Tour T-Shirt

Mens L
14.99 CAD

Here at Mint, we're all about the details. We sweat the small stuff. Because we care. The same way that Jay's 2013 GIANT American Tour tried to hit more stops than a trucker out of Texas. Or the way that artist Rob Ondzik's minute illustrations are scattered across this shirt (look him up after you purchase it. Seriously).

Originally a tour-only tee, Jay--being the nice guy that he is--wanted to make this available for those who couldn't make it to his show. Or maybe you did but were just too broke to buy a shirt at the time (we know how that goes). Either way, we're sorry if you missed out on this gem the first time around, but you don't have to feel left out anymore! Thanks to modern technology and the canadian postal service you can still wear the t-shirt, slap on the record, and settle in for a night of YouTubing Jay's live shows to feel like you were there all along!