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My Game

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The Hanson Brothers are best known for the many best selling albums they've released under the name Nomeansno. The rascals are known for their sharp wits and ridiculous antics. On a previous European attempt they were forced to leave the Continent hurriedly following a disastrous incident in Bremen which involved two Hanson Brothers and a vendor of Melons. Fortunately, all criminal charges were dropped. The Hanson Brothers have released their third, full length, album, My Game on Mint Records. If there were any lingering doubts as to whether My Game could match the seemingly impossibly high standards They set on Their previous releases Gross Misconduct and Sudden Death, it can be said with certainty that the Vastness and Splendor of My Game has laid those doubts to rest absolutely.

They shoot, they score! After five years on the bench for major misconduct, Canuck rink rats The Hanson Brothers are back on the offensive with their third puck-rock power-play My Game. Sticking to their tried-and-true formula, the bros -- Johnny, Robbie, Tommy and new drummer Ernie -- belt out 15 tunes about Canada's national pastime, set to the three-chord pinhead glory of classic Ramones. "No fancy schmancy pants and / No dipsy doodle dancing / It's hockey a la Hanson," Johnny promises on the title cut, and for the next 40 minutes that's what you get -- pounding drums, driving bass, grinding guitars and lyrics about breakaways, rookies, hoisting the cup and giving 110%. Clearly, these boys came to play. - Winnipeg Sun

Track List: 
My Game
Give Me Anything
Everything I wanted
100 + 10%
They Made Her Mine
I've Been There
Get it Right Back
I know You
Unsung Heroes
Honey, I'm Home
Rookie of the Year
Let's go out Tonight
Joey Had to Go
The Last Canadian Boy