Woolworm & Necking @ Cinqhole

Ottawa Showbox presents a Mint Records Showcase!

Necking (VAN garage rock)

Mint Records is thrilled to announce the debut album, Cut Your Teeth, from one of Vancouver's most exciting new bands, Necking. The band has earned a reputation for their energetic and fun live shows in the city after playing almost every weekend for a year.

On April 24, Necking shared the ferocious first single, "Big Mouth," from their new record via Exclaim. Drummer and lyricist, Melissa Kuipers, reveal the inspiration for the track; "Big Mouth is the dollar store version of “Our Lips are Sealed” by the Go-Go’s covered by Hilary and Hailey Duff. It’s about having a mediocre time with someone and them leaving convinced you’re obsessed with them. This song is the brave face you put on after you’ve overshared and overstayed your welcome."

woolworm (VAN garage/pop rock)

Existential lyrics, loud-quiet-loud dynamics and emotive guitars might have some confusing Deserve to Die for another entry in the current emo revival. Don’t get it twisted, however — Woolworm are a hardcore band who have decided to play pop music.

Birthed from Vancouver’s hardcore scene, the band have perfected peppy pop songs that simultaneously bear the crushing weight of being alive. On the surface, the music falls somewhere between vintage indie-pop like the Chameleons and fuzzed-out stadium alt-rock like the Smashing Pumpkins, but every once in a while they drop nods to aggressive influences like Integrity and Cold World.

Thanks to their relentless touring and penchant for pop perfection, Woolworm have spent the last decade steadily growing a feverish fanbase. Their 2012 album Believe in Ourselves is an undeniable (if under heard) cult classic, and they’ve got a stack of singles and cassettes to prove that it wasn’t a one-off fluke. With Deserve to Die, however, they’ve reached for something beyond themselves.

Stoby (Ottawa alt rock)

Stoby is a fuzz-pop alternative rock band forged from the mean streets of Ottawa/Gatineau. Founded in April 2018 the band delivers sparkling hooks and drum fills that fill the heart with joy. Their musical influences include Built to Spill, Weezer, and Girlpool. They recently released their first single “Falsettos” with an accompanying music video. Currently, they are recording their first EP which will to be out in early 2019.


Show Details:

Friday, September 27
Cinqhole (New DIY arts space / 5b Fairmont Ave)
$10 / All Ages / 8PM

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