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Cork & Monkey

The pride of Bloodshot Records (home of Neko in the USA, as well as such luminaries as Kelly Hogan and Alejandro Escovedo) and former Neko Case touring band, Toronto's Sadies have blessed us here at Mint with this 3-song gem that unconventionally sports a 2-song A side and a 1-song B side. From the whimisical cow-surf of "Cork & Monkey" to the maudlin melodrama of "Village of Horseheads" to the epic almost-stoner rock angle (to more than a few of us, really!) of "The Curdled Journey", this is pure rollicking trademark Sadies. Plus, joining the Brothers Good (Dallas and Travis), Mike Belitsky, and Sean Dean, is Kid Congo Powers (co-founder of the Gun Club, former member of the Cramps and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, present member Knoxville Girls, and producer of I Am Spoonbender's USA label Gold Standard Laboratories' Hot For Preacher 7" by the Starlite Desperation) on the final track.

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