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Furnace Room Lullaby

"It has an unadorned, swinging-doors-and-a-barstool feel, as it it were cut in the wee hours at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge after a show at the Opry." - People Magazine

Neko's sophomore album expands vividly on her groundbreaking debut album, solidifying her position as one of the new dynamic chanteuses. On Furnace Room Lullaby, Neko and her Boyfriends (The Band, composed of Scott Betts, Joel Trueblood, John Ramberg and Brian Connelly) are joined by another impressive array of singers and musicians, including Travis and Dallas Good (of the Sadies), Evan Johns, Kelly Hogan, Ron Sexsmith, and others.

(This album is only available on Anti Inc.)

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