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Get Outta Dodge

Y'know, sometimes the Internet can really suck. At times it's an "information superhighway", other times, it's a gossip rumor-mill that has about as much substance as a key-note address from Helen Keller. Case in point: last year, when Huevos Rancheros' long-time bass player Graham Evans left the band (something to do with an overly high cholesterol level?), rumor spread on the internet like rot-gut wine through a booze hound's liver that the band had broken up!!! Nay, say Huevos Rancheros and Mint Records! It's new bassist Tommy Kennedy to the rescue on this, their latest EP Get Outta Dodge. Um... hey people? This is really, really good. Like, Grant Lawrence's favorite record from these dudes, no bullshit.

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