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Hang Loose

9.99 CAD

Available on CD or via iTunes.

Operation Makeout makes a back-to-school early fall splash with Hang Loose, its first full-length album on Mint Records, the follow-up to its debut EP First Base that came out in the summer 2001. First Base was a short, sharp five-song blast released to coincide with band's cross-Canada tour with fellow labelmates the New Town Animals -- and provided the perfect introduction to one of the forerunners of the West Coast's promising fun 'n' exuberant punk scene. With striking (and, some say, disgusting) cover artwork featuring an extreme close-up of two mouths (and tongues) interlocked, First Base made a splash both visually and musically.

Track List: 
Life on your Windowsill
Current Events
On The Steps
Lost, Unwanted... But Still Nice
Take The Rains
Tune Out