Heaven For Real

The Grundy brothers, along with their companions in Heaven For Real, have been fine-tuning their distinct approach to songwriting since the band's emergence in 2012. Now this year, for their Mint debut, they have prepared Kill Your Memory, a collection of songs brimming with their idiosyncratic brand of maximalist pop music. Equally enamoured with creating undeniable melodic hooks as they are with unconventional sounds, the album marks Heaven For Real's emergence as fully formed left-field masters with the unique ability to turn directions on a dime.

Fraternal twin songwriters Mark and Scott Grundy (Quaker Parents/Monomyth), in tandem with rhythmic partners Cheryl Hann (Old and Weird/Picnicface) and Nathan Doucet (ex-Crosss), have spent the last two years developing their highly personal musical language. The end result of overnight sessions at their local studio (Echo Chamber Audio) and much tinkering out of their Halifax homes, Kill Your Memory marries poetic lyrical narratives with a special blend of experimental rock n’ roll. It’s an album that incorporates the adventurousness of jazz and nervous post-punk energy with ornamental touches of tape collage and electronics. Brian Eno would be proud.

Upcoming Shows

Wednesday August 23, 2017
Tsutaya O-Nest - Shibuya, Japan
Friday August 25, 2017
Chaotic Noise - Kochi, Japan
Saturday August 26, 2017
Gigi - Fukuoka, Japan
Sunday August 27, 2017
Studio Shimokitazawa Bayd - Tokyo , Japan
Monday August 28, 2017
Hard Rain - Osaka , Japan
Tuesday August 29, 2017
Give Me Little More - Matsumoto, Japan
Wednesday August 30, 2017
k.d.japon - Nagoya, Japan

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