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The Tennessee Twin

The Tennessee Twin began in Olympia, Washington way back in 1998 as the brainchild of Ms. Lucinda Marie Wolfe. "Cindy," born an identical twin in Memphis, Tennessee, found song-writing inspiration from her southern roots and desire to create music that differed from that of her punk rock peers. This effort at expanding the horizons of the Olympia music scene began with Cindy writing, directing, and staging puppet shows. Fearful of being pigeon-holed as a puppeteer, she began conceptualizing a country act with her twin, Allison, of seminal "riot girl" band Bratmobile. Unfortunately, living on opposite coasts prevented the duo concept from becoming a reality. Nonetheless, Cindy forged ahead with her songwriting, often drawing from summers past, spent with her dad and relatives in East Tennessee.

So, you may ask, why is Ms. Wolfe in Canada? Well, a New Pornographer brought her up to Vancouver several years ago, and "Dubya" deters her from moving back to The States for now. Though some folks poke fun at her mild twang, as well as the Valley Girl lingo she acquired at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, Canada has generally been kind to Cindy. Today she lives in Toronto. "There are so many venues to choose from out East, I just don't know where to begin!" chirps Cindy.

When Bratmobile finally decided to grace Vancouver with its presence, Allison convinced Cindy to assemble a band and jump on the bill, marking the first public performance of The Tennessee Twin. Since then, a revolving back-up band of crack Vancouver, and now Toronto musicians embellish Cindy's unaffected vocals, uninhibited songwriting and embryonic mandolin playing, all part of the magic of The Tennessee Twin. These old-school heartfelt ballads spring from relationships gone wrong, politics gone awry, death, and time spent in the country of country. "Not long before my grandpa, Hiram Woodson Wolfe of Rutledge, TN, died, he told me three inspiring stories of familial historical significance, in this order:

1) When my great-great-grandfather from Virginia was 12, some neighbors warned his mother that the Confederates were coming to conscript him, so his mother dressed him up like a girl and sent him on foot over Clinch Mtn. to Tennessee, never to return until his 80s when my grandpa brought him to a Wolfe family reunion in Virginia to reunite with his long lost brother;

2) I am related to Chet Atkins, as my grandpa's brother was wed to Chet's aunt.

3) I am inbred ('My parents were both Wolfes of Luttrell, TN,' admitted my grandpa after suspecting me and my then-boyfriend of being related since his last name is Atkins).

The Tennessee Twin has had the privilege of playing several "high profile" shows, such as a mini-tour with Bratmobile, YoYo-A-GoGo festivals, the original Ladyfest 2000, Mint showcases, a triple province Canadian tour, Bob's World Famous Java Jive in Tacoma, opening for The Meat Purveyors at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle, relocation inauguration party for ?Seattle's ConWorks, and the sharing of a Johnny Cash song ("I Still Miss Someone") with Scott McCaughey and The Minus 5 at Zulu Records. Kindly, Mint signed The Tennessee Twin to its roster, releasing a 7" single in August 2001 and debut album "Free To Do What?" in February 2002. The Canadian independent narrative feature film "Mile Zero" chose to utilize The Tennessee Twin song "These Thoughts Are Occupied". Also, a bittersweet Lucinda Wolfe original appears on Mint's Christmas album, and expect The Tennessee Twin's sophomore album Don't Peak Too Soon out sometime in the new year!

Why have we had to wait so long for The Tennessee Twin's second album, you ask? They say you have forever to make your first album. See, not only is Cindy a country crooner, but an actress as well. She and label-mate Carl Newman portray born-again Christians hell-bent on converting label-mate Corrina Hammond (Maow) in label-mate Blaine Thurier's acclaimed narrative independent feature film "Low Self Esteem Girl." You can also catch her co-starring in Blaine Thurier's latest genius narrative feature, "Male Fantasy." "Low Self Esteem Girl" screened at TIFF 2000, Local Heroes 2001, and won Best Narrative Feature Film at the 2001 SXSW Film Festival. "Male Fantasy" was included in SXSW 2004, TIFF 2004, Atlantic Film Festival 2004, and VIFF 2004.

The Tennessee Twin's current motto: "We need more parties, political and otherwise!"