Gaga for Gigi

Buzz-saw punk rock with a three-guitar attack? How uncool, eh? Not if these guitarists (Jade Blade, Rodney Graham, Bill Napier-Hemy) are veterans in the scene surely! Whatever, Vancouver's Volumizer reminds us why the best punk succeeds in the same way that powerpop does - tuneful vigor that never goes out of style in songs like "I Promise You, Thomas" & "What's Your Problem?" - Power of Pop

Volumizer is on the other side of the Mint spectrum. Sporting JC/DC's King Midas touch, this is a different kind of Vancouver all-star collaboration. Bill Napier-Hemy (Pointed Sticks), Rodney Graham (UJ3RK5), Jade Blade (Dishrags), and Shannon Oksanen (visual artist) are Volumizer! Together with John Cody they've created a buzz-saw punk rock document that looks waaay back while standing firmly in the present.