Values Statements

We are committed to supporting artists in our local community (and the larger global community of affiliated artists) through financing recording contracts, providing access to grant funding for tours, and providing other support as necessary within the framework/confines of a small independent record label.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive roster of artists and prioritizing representation when booking shows, hiring staff and volunteers, and supporting artists who have historically been underrepresented in our industry, with a distinct effort to make sure we are not tokenizing anyone in the process or making anyone feel tokenized.   

We are committed to prioritizing the safety and wellness of our staff and artists as supported by training, contracts, codes of conduct, and creating clear and manageable systems for addressing and resolving issues should they arise.  

We are committed to acknowledging the biases in our industry as well as in our current practices and making a concerted effort to change common practices where we may unintentionally be causing or contributing to harm. (e.g. checking pronouns with artists, and being mindful of gendered language in PR practices, etc.)

We are committed to supporting the communities that function within close proximity to our artists and our office, including local radio stations, non-profits, and other organizations and artists who can benefit from our support (financial or otherwise).

We are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions where possible, including carbon offsets, green energy conversion, cutting down on wasteful packaging and plastic promo products, etc. 

We are committed to making socially conscious choices when it comes to events (making sure sponsors and venue owners are aligned with our values, addressing issues of accessibility, acknowledging the painful colonial history of the traditional territories of the Indigenous peoples on whose land we're holding our events and where appropriate, making donations or reaching out to those communities in other ways).

We are committed to making a concerted effort to build stronger relationships with our local Indigenous communities and making more meaningful contributions beyond basic land acknowledgements, taking into consideration some tips from Indigenous organizations, for example: