Life Through One Speaker


Young and Sexy's sophomore release, Life Through One Speaker, picks up where their debut Stand Up For Your Mother left off. With intricate and soothing co-ed co-lead vocals by Paul Pittman and Lucy Brain, and featuring Ted Bois' keyboard playing that is more pianist-playing-keyboards than "mere" organist, Life Through One Speaker has a complexity and finish not unlike a good, very good, glass of red....

With a rare sense of tension and passion that permeates the entire album, Life Through One Speaker is a truly unified, almost holistic, listening experience. From the first bars of the opening track "Oh My Love" that build from Lucy's voice and very understated accompaniment, to Paul's opening vocal lines in "Weekend Warriors," to the more upbeat and instrument-heavy "Herculean Bellboy," the unshakeable and gripping harmonies go on and on....

Lucy Brain's absolutely deadpan and oh-so-pretty delivery of a lyric such as "and you pissed on my lawn" (from “Lose Control”) makes this a keeper. - Uptown, Winnipeg