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Immaculate Machine

From the town that hatched such folk as Hot Hot Heat, Carolyn Mark, NoMeansNo, the Buttless Chaps and others, Victoria BC's Immaculate Machine is a band we -- and others -- are pretty nuts about, and hope you are too. Having built an enthusiastic following thus far with several full Canadian tours under their youthful belts, Immaculate Machine is primed to make an even greater impression this summer. Why? Here's a few reasons: Fables, their great Mint followup to the celebrated Ones and Zeros will soon sweep the nation, a member of the band's contribution on the New Pornographers' Twin Cinema, full-on-to-die-for tour (some with the New Pornographers!) and magical album artwork, again, by guitarist Brooke's sis, Caitlin Gallupe.

Inspired by sweat, dancing, love and political dissent, Immaculate Machine is a tight trio that sings in three-part harmonies and strangled shouts above crashing drums, catchy keyboards and electric guitar. Rotating lead vocals and songwriting contributions from all three members result in a style that is truly hard to pin down. Growing up with grunge and punk, they quickly developed an appetite for all types of music, new and old; the threesome has a particular appreciation for music that makes political messages fun and accessible. Their energy and enjoyment of the music rubs off on the crowd, and shows frequently end up as frenetic dance parties!

Long-time friends Brooke Gallupe (vocals/guitar), Kathryn Calder (vocals/ keyboards), and Luke Kozlowski (vocals/drums) played in many bands together before settling on their current lineup in October 2002. The trio independently released two albums, The View (EP 2003) and Transporter (LP 2004), which charted prominently at Canadian college radio, reaching #1 on both coasts. In the spring of 2005, Immaculate Machine became a Mint band, and began recording with JC/DC, the production team behind Tegan & Sara, the New Pornographers, Destroyer, Rodney Graham, The Softies, young & sexy and others.

Incidentally, AC "Carl" Newman, frontman of The New Pornographers, is related to the band by more than just his Mint Records labelmate status; he is also Kathryn's long lost uncle. Kathryn plays piano and sings on much of The New Pornographers' new album.

...and Immaculate Machine have a surprise for you too. You can stream  “Wo Xiang Tanbai,” their Mandarin-language version of "Dear Confessor," right here, for free!