The Choir Practice

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Choirmaster Coco Culbertson is no stranger to the Vancouver music scene. You may remember her from such bands as The Gay, the A.C. Newman Band, and, briefly, The Tennessee Twin. Acknowledging the need for musical camaraderie, she recruited friends old and new to form The Choir Practice.

First to join Coco's choral quest was vocal veteran Larissa Loyva, of the unconventional Mint band P:ano and solo work as Kellarissa. Next, karaoke fiend and fashion designer, Naomi Mepham ventured from her West Side studio to join the clan. Following a brief introduction, and promises of songwriting grandeur at a local watering hole, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh (of fanshaw) signed up.

Piano teacher Jenn Chycoski (Pokiok Falls), and classical music enthusiast Kristen Halliday soon jumped on board. After consulting his middle-school choir teacher, tenor CBC Radio 3 producer Chris Kelly (Gay Straights) decided that The Choir Practice was a good idea. It was around that time that a then-injured Shane Turner (Love and Mathematics, Shane Turner Overdrive) called up Coco and joined the rogue ensemble.

Somewhere along the way, CiTR deejay Scotty "Ska-T" Stewart, photographic sensation Karin Bubas, filmmaker Shira Blustein (Blood Meridian), Ida Nilsen (Great Aunt Ida, The Buttless Chaps), outsider artist/musician Sydney Vermont (Hello Blue Roses), florist Marcy Emery (Heartbreak Scene), and Kurt Dahle (Limblifter, The New Pornographers) also became part of the clan.

The resulting debut record from this ever-expanding indie-rock choir recalled the beautiful harmonies of '60s psych-folk sensations The Free Design combined with the unique song presentation of The Langley Schools Music Project. Their infectious musical sewing circle will make your heart soar with their rich harmonies and sparkling choral delivery.

"Combining equal parts of the retro indie pop of other Vancouver-based bands with a more female-centric version of the Polyphonic Spree, the Choir Practice by their very name find their infectious glory in the fun of gang singing." - Chris Whibbs, Exclaim!

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