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Pansy Division loves Canada

To prove this, here's a list of...

50 Things Pansy Division Likes About Canada!

1. Value Village
2. Svend Robinson, openly gay MP
3. CBC's "Brave New Waves"
4. Kids In The Hall
5. David Cronenberg
6. Vancouver
7. Vancouver Island
8. Little Sisters gay and lesbian bookshop in Vancouver
9. the Coquihalla highway
10. Chixdiggit
11. cub
12. Mint Records
13. your health care system
14. five pin bowling
15. three for a dollar samosas on Queen Street West, Toronto
16. the way you spell "centre"
17. The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC
18. The Roma Motel, Edmundston, NB (where our fake Calvin Klein/trading card photos were taken)
19. Getting little foil packets of peanut butter and jam in Western Canadian diners
20. FAG Ball Bearings Company, Stratford, ON
21. Bruce La Bruce
22. Margaret Atwood
23. St. Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!, Quebec
24. Canadian college radio
25. MuchMusic - a video channel that actually plays videos!
26. CBC's "Sunday Morning"
27. the lower drinking age
28. Bob and Doug McKenzie
29. bright, yellow summer grapeseed fields, Alberta
30. Halifax Pop Explosion
31. Fifth Column
32. the Yellowhead route
33. the Okanagan Valley, BC
34. riding BC Ferries (not to mention BC fairies!)
35. Rue de Ste. Catherine Est, Montreal, PQ
36. Lake Huron near Port Albert, ON
37. the Wesley Willis Church on Route 4, Clinton, ON
38. "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" by Bruce Cockburn
39. loonies (and two-nies!)
40. last fall's "Days Of Protest" in Ontario
41. Rotate This, Toronto indie record store
42. the West Edmonton Mall (awesome rollercoaster!)
43. Route 2 along the Saint John River, NB
44. Bay Of Fundy
45. "This Land Is Your Land" with Canadian lyrics
46. Tim Horton's
47. Propagandhi
48. the Rocky Mountains
49. moose
50. (this space reserved for the great Canadian things we haven't experienced yet)

Jon, Chris, Luis