Growing Up Smuggler

This is it folks! Ten years of the Smugglers all captured on one album! What we've got here is a celebration of everyone's favourite party band rockin' through a furious set of hits in the soiled confines of El Sol Club in downtown Madrid, Spain. The set list contains highlights of the band's recorded career, including hard to find live faves like "Stop! Look! Listen!", "What Do You Want Me To Do?", "Kiss Like A Nun", "Shakedown!", "Supercar", and more. Also included are top Smug hits like "Especially You", "Alan Thicke", and "To Serve And Protect".

This is no tinny sounding live recording either. Produced by Kurt Bloch, it is literally the closest thing to being at a Smugglers show and it sounds great! What makes this album even better is the novel-like liner notes included. Scrolled by the poison-pen of lead singer Grant Lawrence, the many pages of stories capture the highs and lows of each year of the Smugglers with lots of photos and gig poster art to illustrate the booklet. The album is available on four labels world wide, but you can get both formats right here. Both CD and vinyl come with exclusive songs!