Party Girl

Party Girl is Carolyn's cross-Canada musical Polaroid collection. In early 1999, Carolyn Mark embarked on what would become a year-long recording project. With musical travels that took her from Victoria to Vancouver to Edmonton to Toronto to Montreal to Ottawa to Regina to Calgary and back to Edmonton, the goal was to record a song in each city. When Carolyn's "recording by mail" song with Tara and Rick White arrived, the final chapter was added and we finally had Party Girl, eleven songs grounded in the time and place of their creation.

Primarily Carolyn, and usually accompanied by her real-life Room-mates Tolan McNeil and Garth Johnson, the songstress also enlisted the likes of Ray Condo, Ford Pier, Greg Keelor, Dave Lang, Paul Pigat, Oh Susanna, and others to lend a hand (or voice) on her Mint debut.

"Carolyn Mark doesn't hold back on the boogie of old-time country music. With her guitar and a notebook full of lyrical heartache, the astounding results of Party Girl is a fine documentation on the roots of country. [...] The added lo-fi touch of basement recordings only contributes to the sincerity that gives Party Girl its rugged, open appeal." - Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide