The Arc

Throughout the course of pop music it can be challenging for an act to continue to inspire one another during the songwriting process and on the release of their fourth record, Young and Sexy found themselves entering their tenth year as a band. The Vancouver pop outfit didn't find their wellspring had dried just yet, however. As with each new record, The Arc continued to evolve the group's expansive arrangements and heavily melodic sound that draws diverse comparisons to acts such as Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, The Zombies, Led Zeppelin, and The Go Betweens.

Paul Pittman (Vocals, Guitar), Lucy Brain (Vocals), André Lagacé (Guitar), Alex Brain (Drums), and Brent McDonald (Bass) have returned with a set of songs destined to appeal to the true music lover, a listener who, in this digital age of restlessness, is willing to spin a record in its entirety and take the time to enjoy a complex and rewarding audio experience. These eleven songs wield the rare gift of both artful experimentation and strong melodic invention full of classical, baroque pop, and prog rock influences. Songs move from one movement to another, cradling lyrics that focus on medieval and pagan imagery with a touch of spiritualism. The band that released Stand Up For Your Mother (their Mint Records debut) has now moved into dark and mysterious passages such as, "The wick is lit, unsettling shadows play / The rhythm beats wild and we dance / Now mix the elixir" on the track "The Demon Dreaming". Recorded and produced at The Hive Studios in Vancouver B.C. by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Cave Singers, Ladyhawk, Swan Lake), The Arc fits securely into Young and Sexy's ever-changing musical canon.

You don't feel like you are driving along the coast with sunglasses on and the top down. Instead you are left hunting for the beauty in the world we live in. Young & Sexy might not flaunt that beauty, but they definitely reward you for looking. - HeroHill