Is Your Radio Active?

Album #1 from Nick, Jeff, Steve, Chucky and Alex promised to be one big kick in yer bum. Music to hit yer noggin to while yer bouncin' on yer bed, it was culled from the archives of Punk Rock Past with a healthy dose of New Wave to boot. Available on 12" vinyl, it was Mint's only vinyl long-player release of 2001.

"Forget MTV. Forget New Wave, hip-hop, electronica, and please, please forget Green Day and Blink-182. These are the things that Is Your Radio Active? and New Town Animals are subtly asking you to do. They come in with cool punk names, like Nick Newtown (Vocals), Jeffie Pop (Guitar), Bobby Beefy (Guitar), Stevie Kicks (Bass), and simply Chucky (Drums). They play their music fast, sloppy, noisily, and loud with the simple riffage and hyper-kinetic tempos that kept us all slam dancing with a grin on our faces." - Patrick Schabe, PopMatters

"New Town Animals are way stoopid, and I wouldn't have it any other way." - Kurt Channing, Ink19