The Rambin' Ambassadors grabbed the instrumental garage rock reigns dropped during the dissolution of Calgary's Huevos Rancheros with both hands. Helmed by ace guitar slinger and biggest egg Brent J. Cooper along with bassist Scott Nickless and Tyler Pickering on the skins, their debut album Avanti has all the swagger of the '60s southern California surf scene and an old west opium den compressed into nine tight aural opuses. Over time, The Rambin' Ambassadors have gone farther than The Ventures and made more connections than Link Wray, and this album is where that growth all started.

Avanti very successfully manages to blend the best elements of the Friends of Dean Martinez dreamy spaghetti Western rock and blazing surf/instro-rock. With a fresh, energised record like this coming out, it’s safe to say that instrumental rock is still alive and kicking. - Exclaim!

Avanti's instrumentals weave through Western rambles, Morricone and Calexico style, the rockabilly/psychobilly sound of Flat Duo Jets, and the surf guitar stylings of the likes of Dick Dale or the Ventures... For those who are submerged in the rockabilly culture, the Ramblin' Ambassadors' Avanti might prove to be a nice, sweet listening treat to add to your collection. - allmusic