Upon signing with Mint, Larissa Loyva (P:ano, Kellarissa, The Choir Practice) and Elisha Rembold (Lost Lovers Brigade, Shimmering Stars) looked to label-mate Jay Arner to produce their debut album. In just a handful of sessions, they built on top of their existing demo tracks, fleshing out their dual microKORG playing using Jay’s collection of analog synths. The result is Nightshifting, a radiant collection of sparkling electro-pop that is simultaneously spooky and infectious, nocturnal and pop-friendly.

“Second Wind” captures the band’s combination of dark and light, as a tambourine-ratting dance groove is layered with glittering synth hooks and ghostly, impassioned pleas of “Do you want me? / Do you care?” Elsewhere, “Night Box” and “Uncanny Valley” are urgently sinister, while “Rite of the First Night” anchors its classic teen movie keyboards with a slinky R&B swagger, and “Small Fires” is a serene, heavy-lidded lullaby.