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Nora Kelly Band was born of friends jamming by the train tracks of Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood. People flocked to listen and sing along–until the cops chased them off. NKB’s twist on alt-country delivers haunting harmonies, rambunctious twang, and wry lyrics–the perfect backdrop for your next tussle in the hay. 

Before COVID, Kelly led the post-punk band DISHPIT, whose album with Steve Albini drew praise across North America and the UK. Exclaim! magazine chose the band for its Class of 2020 shows in Toronto and Montreal, but when the pandemic switched things up, so did Nora. She looked inward, asked some hard questions, and turned to rock’s roots. Out poured tunes about love, independence, and climbing back in the saddle when self-doubt bucks you off.  

Their debut EP, ‘Perfect Pig,’ released in summer 2022, was voted a must-listen by Indie88 and Exclaim!

“I’ve made more friends creating this music than I did my entire stint in high school. My hope is that we captured this energy so that listeners can absorb some of our joy and silliness.”

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Tour Dates

Tour Date Venue City Country
Casa del Popolo Montreal Canada
Foam Brewers Burlington USA
La Sala Rossa Montreal Canada
Deep Cuts Boston USA
Brooklyn Monarch (Mona Liza Studio) Brooklyn USA
Elephant Alley Troy USA
Sacred Root Ithaca USA
PhilaMOCA Philadelphia USA
Pie Shop Washington USA