The Corn Sisters

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Now you may be scratching your head and mumbling to yourself, "Now who are these Corn Sisters?! I don't believe I'm familiar with them...." Well, wonder no more!

The Corn Sisters are a dynamic touring duo featuring the talents of two of the hardest-working (and best looking) ladies the North American West Coast has to offer.

First of all, hailing from Snohomish County, Washington, there's the delightfully effervescent Miss Neko Case who takes care of all can-spanking (that's drums to you and me), sings a mean high lead, and will be returning to her first love - tap-dancing!! How does she do it all? All that and she's single-handedly managed to raise two fine young boys - Lester (age 8) and Carl Jr. (age 9). Carl Sr. passed on a few years back after a fiery car crash on B.C.'s perilous Coquihalla Highway. The Corn Sisters' song "Too Many Pills On Too Dark A Night" was written by Neko as a tender tribute to Carl Sr.'s untimely passing and is, quite possibly, the song most requested by Corn Sisters' fans everywhere.

Secondly, there's the lovely and talented Miss Carolyn Mark who plays guitar and is known for her unique tuning and the now famous deceptively simple strumming style that has become such a big part of the the Corn Sisters' "sound." ("Aw hell, I just got my cousin to show me a few simple chords when I was about thirteen so's I'd have something to sing along with at the next barn-dance.) Miss Carolyn also sings "all the notes can reach" and is being shown a few tap-dancing steps by a very patient Miss Neko.

The girls look forward to meeting new fans and future ex-husbands at every stop on their tour. Don't be shy and bring extra spending money!!

See you real soon,

- "Kernal" Tom Holliston

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