Mint Records welcomes Kellarissa to the family!

We're pleased to welcome delightful and talented songstress Larissa Loyva into the Mint Records family - or, rather, welcome her back. You may already know Larissa from her stunning vocal and songwriting contributions to previous Mint releases from P:ano and The Choir Practice. After working with these groups, defined by their strengths as ensembles, she's now taking centre stage with her new solo project Kellarissa.

"Kellarissa" literally means "in the basement". Think shag rugs, red lampshades, cocktail hour and muumuus. With synthesizer and vocal loops smothered in a haze of reverb, Kellarissa asks eternal questions disguised as pop songs.

Flamingo is Kellarissa's Mint Records debut. We can't reveal the release date quite yet, but, can promise you that the record is a stunning kaleidoscope of Kellarissa's haunting vocals, her prized Candied Yam(aha SK15) synthesizer, bits of coloured glass and other surprises.

Photo credit: Adam PW Smith