Vivek Shraya and Kimmortal Release New Collaboration, "Quitter Remix"

quitter remix artwork with kimmortal and vivek shraya's faces in side profile facing each other on a bright red background with yellow text

Today Vivek Shraya is back with a new remix of her song "Quitter" off her 2023 record Baby, You're Projectingwhich turns 1 in just a few weeks! 

"Quitter Remix" features Vancouver-based musician Kimmortal lending some vocals and a verse to the song that even ID's the album. 

With this remix, Vivek gives the album and song a bit more love.

"Quitter" was one of the last songs she wrote for Baby, You're Projecting. She says, "I knew by then that I was writing a break ups album, but it wasn't until I watched the Alanis Morissette documentary that it hit me that I hadn't really allowed myself to be angry in my songwriting. I was so consumed with being fair to the other people I was writing about that I didn't realize I was muting my own emotions." 

Having been a fan Kimmortal since they played a show together (with Vivek's band Too Attached) years ago, and having Kimmortal sing back ups on Baby, You're Projecting, she wanted to put out an "official collab." 

Vivek said, "I genuinely believe that collaboration is the fuel of life. There is nothing one artist can do that two artists can't do better, and this collab is a testament to this fact. Kimmortal really takes this track to a new level and I've totally forgotten about the original version!"

Kimmortal says: "When I was writing for 'Quitter' I was thinking about past dating experiences I’ve had where my energy was not reciprocated and where I felt like I was treated as if I was disposable. 'Quitter' feels like an outlet for that rage and also a way to claim that power back. It was also such a fun experience to get the chance to sing in duet styles with Vivek!"

Listen to the single on streaming or Bandcamp.