Future Star announces forthcoming record It’s About Time! with single “This is the Part that’s Too Hard to Explain”

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“This Is The Part that’s too Hard to Explain” is the invigorating first single off Future Star's next album, It’s About Time! Out on Mint Records on July 5, 2024.

Future Star is a Vancouver-based bedroom pop star who has been releasing catchy keyboard music with “sweet and comically candid lyrics” (Discorder) since 2016. With influences that include musical artists like Arthur Russell, Magnetic Fields, and Kero Kero Bonito, and visual artists such as Lynda Barry, Future Star has built a reputation for creating intimate live performances "loaded with understated significance and beauty" (Exclaim!).

Their most recent two albums, When Will The DJ Of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request (Kingfisher Bluez, 2021) and All Of These Songs Are About You (None Of These Songs Are About Me) (self-released, 2021), tell a satisfying story of queer longing and loneliness transformed into love and joy.

Turning a song about the vulnerability experienced in childhood into a cathartic bop is no easy feat, but Future Star manages to pull it off in “This is the Part That’s Too Hard To Explain”. This is a song about hiding from understanding things, not asking for help when we need it, and the forgiveness we can offer ourselves and those around us when the smoke has cleared. A reminder to handle the "little guy" inside of you with care and compassion.

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About the record

While dreaming about houses that have been torn down and shows that happened in venues that don't exist anymore, Future Star explores the space between now and then with their upcoming album It's About Time!. A retrospective on seven years of songwriting, It's About Time! reminds us that a moment can go on infinitely, a memory can be shared, and something might have changed when you weren't looking.

Recorded and produced by long time friend Andromeda Monk, the album is at times minimalistic in texture with upright piano and voice, and at times lushly arranged with additions of synthetic strings, flutes and drum machine. Breathing naturally and comfortably, like a body at rest, it invites the listener to breathe naturally and comfortably, because everything is going to happen no matter what.

Maybe a song can be like a body, and their cells can replace themselves after a certain period of time. Maybe a story can be like a person that takes time to realise who they are. Maybe a city can be livable and you don't need to move to Montreal, or the suburbs.

Our cells turn over, the wick burns shorter, and maybe when the light hits just right and everything comes into focus, you will make the next best decision you've ever made.

RIYL: Magnetic Fields, Kimya Dawson, Arthur Russell, Frankie Cosmos, Chris-A-Riffic

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