Featuring ex-members of cub and Pansy Division in a radical sonic/stylistic departure, Sender/Receiver is a Fibonacci sequence of mutant grooves, droning synths and discordant drums that's one part music and one part math. Recorded with cutting edge Protools technology in the band's own studio - with initial drums and bass tracking done at Vancouver's Miller Block Studio - Sender/Receiver was the result of a year of hard work, and showcases the band's genre-warping abilities. The album's headphone-worthy production and unique approach has drawn references to Brian Eno ("Another Green World"), Bowie ("Low"), This Heat, Gary Numan's groundbreaking "Pleasure Principle", and comfortably rubs shoulders with contemporary sonic explorers Oval, Trans Am, and Olivia Tremor Control, all the while sure of its own identity. Sender/Receiver also features contributions from guests W. Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control) and Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air, Spybey/Plotkin, Zoviet France).

No other band or artist makes music like Sender/Receiver: alien, cold, schizoid jazz or space-funk played by robots. - AllMusic

Great rhythms and atmospheres approached from unusual angles resulting in music with a distinct, fascinating quality about it. - Ink19

[It was] like if Gary Numan picked up hitchhiker Laurie Anderson along the Kraftwerk highway at the Einsturzende Neubauten overpass on the way to Fat Boy Slim's booming bass factory where assembly line manager Aphex Twin awaits them with various cables, wires, knobs and drugs· (I am Spoonbender's) singing through telephones and Orwellian uniforms were the coolest thing I saw all week. - Bam Magazine