Mutiny in Stereo


Since its release, the eighth [and definitively final] studio album by The Smugglers has earned its place in rock history. Featuring ace producer/guitarist David Carswell (Tegan & Sara, Destroyer) and CBC Radio 3 personality Grant Lawrence on vocals, Mutiny In Stereo raised the pop-punk bar higher than the likes of Sum 41 and Good Charlotte could ever have hoped to. Nine of this album's tracks sizzle with all the get-up-and-party riffs you can shake your butt to, yet it is in the quieter moments that the quality songwriting and production truly shines, namely the alt-country acoustica of "Mach 1" and the reserved closer "Do You Hear That Sound".

This might be the strongest record of the band's career, with no weak moments and a bucketload of great songs... Lawrence's vocals are strong and nuanced, the guitars loud and tough, the arrangements interesting. Mutiny in Stereo shows a degree of skill and craft that is lacking in much of the day's punk-pop. - allmusic

It’s a joyous slice of rock ‘n’ roll, pure and simple. The Clash would be proud to hear it. - PopMatters

The Smugglers’ Mutiny In Stereo is more good-and-dirty fun. Whether fast-and-furious, loud-and-obnoxious or soft-and-melodic, the group will win you over with its ear-catching punk rock. If it hasn’t already. - Paste