Novillero's German Adventure

Aside from their really cold winters, Winnipeg has some good things going on. Especially when it boils down to their resident bands. Thanks to their friends, The Weakerthans, Mint’s mod-popsters, Novillero will soon be making their way across the sea to support the German indie rock sensation, Tomte on a tour that weaves throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s exciting stuff for our Winnipeg gentlemen.

Since their September 08 release, A Little Tradition, the band has toured Canada, played Pop Montreal and will soon be in New York for CMJ.

Listen to A Little Tradition here. And tell your far away friends!

05.11.08 Hannover Capitol
06.11.08 Köln - E-Werk
07.11.08 Essen - Weststadthalle
08.11.08 Bielefeld - Ringlokschuppen
09.11.08 Magdeburg - Factory
10.11.08 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
11.11.08 Saarbrücken - Garage
12.11.08 Bremen - Schlachthof
13.11.08 OFF
14.11.08 Dresden - Reithalle
15.11.08 A-Wien - Arena
16.11.08 München - Tonhalle
17.11.08 Stuttgart - Theaterhaus
18.11.08 CH-Zürich - Rohstofflager
19.11.08 Erlangen - E-Werk
20.11.08 Lingen - Alter Schlachthof
21.11.08 Hamburg - Große Freiheit 36
22.11.08 Hamburg - Große Freiheit 36 TBC

“Novillerro, Slaughter’s newest outfit, has put no such restriction on their sound, and the difference is immediately obvious. Keyboards, horns and other flourishes flesh out the arrangements, giving a full complement of textures to the band’s cleverly crafted rock.” – FFWD
“Novillero's A Little Tradition shows what widespread experience and exceptional musicianship can really produce. The Winnipeg band's four members, each accomplished in separate past projects as well as boasting two full-length releases, cooperate seamlessly together to form an indie rock album that has very few flaws.” –