The Pack a.d Mix Tape Contest!!

The Pack a.d.'s new album we kill computers is out on April 27th and the band is going on the road ...again. Their van, the Falcon, doesn't like the iPod hook up though. Maybe because it's 13 years old. Or maybe because 13 year old's, who are vans, seem to really like cassette tapes. Either way though, the band needs new music to listen to when they hit the road. So they are excited to announce The Pack a.d. Mix Tape Contest!

Here are the contest particulars and rules according to the band:

“Do you have an old mixed tape you would like to send us? Or the capability to make a new mixed cassette tape? We are down with all sorts of music and would love to listen to music you think we should listen to. If you have a burning desire to sit around for hours pouring your blood, sweat and tears into the Ultimate Mix Tape, just for us... or at least the desire to throw your old mix tapes into an envelope and mail them then we would be forever grateful. And you, in turn, can win some great prizes! However, we only want homemade tapes OK? So, no copies of Much Dance 2000 or the like, please... those jokes are really old... and only 99 cents at Value Village... and we already have those.”

Here is what you can win:

1st prize – a signed poster and CD, a signed cymbal, a vinyl copy of we kill computers as well as a Pack AD shirt and beverage cozy in a Mint tote bag.

2nd prize – a signed poster and CD in a Mint tote bag and a vinyl copy of  we kill computers

3rd prize – a signed poster and CD and a vinyl copy ofwe kill computers

Here is how you enter:

Simply send a cassette entry to the address below to arrive no later than May 21st. Then after the The Pack a.d get back from their European tour with NoMeansNo, they will take it on the road with them, pop it into the Falcon’s cassette deck and turn up the volume as they head across western Canada with The Sadies. The band will decide the winners and notify them at the end of the tour.

The Pack a.d.
c/o Mint Records
P.O. Box 3613, M.P.O.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3Y6


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