Bella and Mint Records Tie the Knot

After numerous meetings at Granville Street's Taco Bell Cantina, Mint Records is proud to announce the latest addition to their family, Vancouver indie pop sensation, Bella.

Bella's infectious harmonies and dreamy vocals compliment Mint's quirky roster much like photosynthesis and flowers or Nardwuar the Human Serviette and plaid. They go together so well, that on Friday afternoon they tied the knot and the recording contract was signed.

The love affair began shortly after the band was handpicked to open for the New Pornographers at the Exclaim! Mint Roadshow. Since then, Randy Iwata just couldn't get Bella out of his head. "I love this band," said Mint co-founder Bill Baker, "like, LOVE this band."

Currently, Bella are hard at work, preparing for their upcoming album, No One Will Know, due to hit the streets on September 18, 2007.