Ripple Rock


Their third album, and second for Mint, Ripple Rock established The Evaporators as the clown-princes of rock. Nardwuar the Human Serviette's signature vocals and absurd lyrics reached new levels of sophisticated anarchy over the all-star instrumentals of drummer/illustrator Scott Livingstone and the inseparable pair of David Carswell and John Collins [whose JC/DC studio saw the likes of The New PornographersDestroyer, and Tegan & Sara over the years]. Under the banner of The Evaporators, and their alter-ego Thee Dublins/Thee GoblinsRipple Rock vibrates with the sounds of organ-driven ska, indie rock, alternative, pop-punk, and more, plus a fine selection of music videos and classic Nardwuar interviews thrown in for good measure.

... his celebrity interviews (ranging from such subjects as Mikhail Gorbachev to Kurt Cobain) are uproarious combinations of performance art and social commentary, and his band, The Evaporators, had been one of Canada's most underrated garage punk bands in recent years. I say "had been", because it looks like Canadian indie rock fans have caught on to The Evaporators in a big way, as their new album Ripple Rock recently topped the national college radio charts for a month. For good reason, too; the album is a charming, catchy, and endlessly silly collection of tunes, whose range of subjects reflect the mad genius of Nardwuar himself... You won't find a new album that's more fun than this one. Doo doodle-oo doo! - PopMatters

The Evaporators are wild, they're funny, and they love to rock.... Ripple Rock is a funny, explosive album.  Evaporators fans will doubtlessly be pleased.  As for those unacquainted with Nadwuar's sound, I'll put it this way: if you like to rock, you'll definitely dig this. - Indieville

Easily Nardwuar’s most musically sound effort to date, Ripple Rock combines Nardo’s energy and persona with his encyclopedic knowledge of garage rock and impeccable musical taste (not to mention his decent organ playing). As Nardwuar sings about topics like his addiction to cheese, his online message board and the perils of working out, the rest of the band rocks and swings like crazy, making the album funny (in a good way) and completely danceable at the same time. - Chart Attack