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Faith Healer quietly crystallizes on their new album The Hand That Fits The Glove, reshaping their already approachable pop sound into something even more immediate and invigorating. 

Core duo of Jessica Jalbert and producer/multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson invite additional musicians into the picture, adding a live band feel to songs that are refreshing and bright even when gliding over rough emotional edges. Whether presenting airy, optimistic synth pop or mixing chilled out atmospheres with glimmers of soft psychedelia, Faith Healer never overplays their hand. Throughout its various turns, The Hand That Fits The Glove feels consistently cool-headed and congenial, with Jalbert and Wilson guiding us through every carefully considered step of the journey. It’s an album that instantly takes the temperature in the room down by a few degrees, and one that will inspire repeat listenings in hopes of keeping its particular and revivifying vibe going just a little longer.

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Tour Dates

Tour Date Venue City Country
Palomino Smokehouse Calgary Canada
The Common Edmonton Canada