What did we dig in 2018??

It's that wonderful time of year when everybody decides to ruthlessly rank all the wonderful music they've listened to over the 11 months. We're not above it though! We asked a bunch of our bands to send in year end lists and then made a massive playlist out of it over at Spotify!


Spirit of the Beehive - Hypnic Jerks

Table Sugar - Collected Acknowledgements

Navy Gangs - Poach

Palberta - Roach Going Down

Andrea Schiavelli - Good Time Now

Amused - Not Raj

Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy

Pllush - Stranger to the Pain

Milk - Mattress Ranch

Luge - Tall is Just a Feeling


Jarrett Samson (Tough Age)

Bodega: Endless Scroll

Masahiro Takahashi: Omnipresent Windows

Platitudes: Lauds & Matins

Keiji Heino & Sumac: American Dollar Bill- Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On

S.H.I.T: What Do You Stand For?

Dorothea Paas: One For the Road

Lithics: Mating Surfaces

U.S Girls: in A Poem Unlimited

Mope Grooves: The Waves

Sabiwa: 輪迴



CRUMB - Community Service

Surfbort - Friendship Music

Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman

Table Sugar - Collected Acknowledgments

Shame - Songs of Praise

Juice - Demo 2018

The Protomartyr/Spray Paint -  split 7” “Irony Prompts a Party Rat”

Body Break - Instrumentals no 1.

Policy of Truth - Demos II

Helena Hauff - Qualm


Jessica Jalbert (Faith Healer)

Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady 

Christine and the Queens - Chris

Dumb - Seeing Green

John Coltrane - Both Directions at Once

Kristian North - The Last Rock and Roll Record

Neil Young - Roxy: Tonight’s the Night Live

Power Trip - Opening Fire (compilation)

Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

Tony Molina - Kill the Lights

Video Age - Pop Therapy