Ketamines 7" Coming Soon!

Hello Internet!

We at Mint just wanted to let you know about our most recent collaboration. This time, we're partnering with the intrepid Ketamines, who are presently preparing to tour Canada with our pals Tough Age AND piecing together a collection of four 7" records that will be released on various labels. We'll be helping them get the fourth, and maybe final in the series, out this winter.

The artwork matches up to form a giant collage, made by scissor enthusiast and artist, Felix Morel of Montreal. COLLECT ALL FOUR. The other three are available from Pleasence Records, Leaning Trees Records and Hosehead Records or from the band on tour (go and see them already).

The Ketamines come from the prairie hinterland town of Lethbridge, Alberta, but presently call Toronto home. You can read more about them here.


The Ketamines on tour: 

Aug 14 - Toronto, Ontario at Parts and Labour %

Aug 22 - Hamilton, ON at This Ain't Hollywood *

Aug 23 - Toronto, ON at Imperial Lounge *

Aug 24 - Windsor, ON at Phog Lounge *

Aug 25 - St. Catherines, ON at Niagara Artists Centre *

Aug 27 - London, ON at Call the Office *

Aug 28 - Guelph, ON at Van Gogh's Ear *

Aug 29 - Kingston, ON at The Artel *

Aug 30 - Ottawa, ON at Gabba Hey! *

Sept 01 - Kitchener, ON at Uncross Your Arms Fest *#

Nov 15 - Toronto, Ontario at Silver Dollar - Mammoth Cave Anniversary Bash!


* with Tough Age # with Sam Coffey

% with Human Eye, Cellphone and Wrong Hole