lié announce new album, You Want It Real, and share video for the first track!

Vancouver's lié Share Bizarre Video For Albums First Single "Digging in the Desert" 

Their fourth album, You Want It Real, is out February 28th, 2020 on Mint Records

Today, lié announced their new LP, You Want It Real, with the launch of a video for the first single. "Digging in the Desert" is a spiky and blistering post-punk track highlighted by surreal lyrics and an equally bizarre video by Vancouver director Justin Gradin (known for his strange videos for White Lung and Black Mountain). The song pairs heavy bass and skull-searing guitars as bassist and vocalist Brittany West guides us through the sandy moonscapes of New Mexico — a setting she’s picked to explore what she describes as “hedonistic feelings and being eaten alive by the hardships of love playing out in a fever dream in my mind."

Watch "Digging in the Desert" Here:

With ties to techno and a penchant for earth-rumbling post-punk — along with a staunch willingness to stop rape culture, privilege and patriarchy in its tracks — there’s no denying that Vancouver trio lié [pronounced “lee-ey” and lower-case preferred] are an integral force in the global underground. Since forming in 2013, they’ve only grown louder, brasher and more intense as they’ve developed their sound across numerous releases and a near endless stream of international DIY tours. That momentum has culminated in You Want It Real, an eight-song LP to be released on February 28, 2020 via Mint Records.

You Want It Real, the band’s fourth album, expands on previous themes with an assured intensity and plenty of world-weary lyrics. Sonically, lié’s recordings have unleashed the full-bore wall of sound that’s present in their live shows. That’s due in part to the work of legendary punk producer Jesse Gander (White Lung, Japandroids), who has helped unlock a further disharmony of melody and feedback in the band’s relentless aggression.

Pre-order You Want It Real Here:

Limited to 300 copies on yellow vinyl!