Hey Vancouver! Friends of Mint - Unplugged

It started innocently enough with plans of having a night out to celebrate mintrecs.com's recent renovations. Then, our talented friends, Cloudsplitter (Ida Nelson and Dave Gowans), Shane Nelken (of The Awkward Stage), Veda Hille, Paul and Lucy (of Young and Sexy) and Victoria's dark lord of the squeezebox, David P. Smith stepped in. Now, we've got ourselves a special acoustic evening booked. So come visit us on August 16th at The Main (4210 Main St.), and visit our Fancy New Website at www.mintrecs.com. It'll be fun. We promise.

Who: Cloudsplitter, Veda Hille, Shane Nelken, Paul and Lucy and David P. Smith.

What: Friends of Mint, unplugged!

Where: The Main (4210 Main St.)

When: 10:00pm on Aug 16th, 2007

Why: Because mintrecs.com is here and out of control! Or, because Dave Gowans had a plan that evolved into a big acoustic evening of fun. You choose.