Ok, we know the holidays are over but would someone please ship us down a bucket of that holy, holy Edmonton water? The city seems to be on a real creative streak lately and we’re more than a little jealous over at Mint HQ! Not to worry though, because we’re happy to announce our brand new relationship with Edmonton’s Faith Healer!

Led by principal songwriter Jessica Jalbert, we’re excited to be working with this Edmontonian whose melancholic meanderings have helped her carve out a unique sound while lending a hand in local faves Tee-Tahs, Jom Comyn, and the Renny Wilson Punk Explosion. Following the success of 2011’s self-released solo debut, Brother Loyola, the introspective songwriter set to work on penning another collection of inward looking dream pop played with laid back bravado.

Engineered under the masterful watch of whip-smart producer—and fellow Mintie—Renny Wilson, the two bonded over their mutual affection for dreamy ‘60s garage rock and swaggering ‘70s singles while in the studio. Hinting at a slightly spacier sound, Cosmic Troubles will arrive March 31st in LP and digital (apologies to our few remaining cd loving fans).

Faith Healer - Cosmic Troubles 

Out: March 31st, 2015

"Early single 'Again' boasts a swaggering rhythm section, brightly shining Summer Of Love guitar leads, and hypnotic vocals out of an old French pop record. It’s impossible to tell if this song is floating or sauntering, but it’s easy to discern that it’s great." - Stereogum

Track Listing:

Cosmic Troubles
Fools Rush In
Angel Eyes
Infinite Return
No Car
Was, Is And Is To Come
Until The World Lets Me Go

Inspired by the distinctive floating sandwich artwork of the Big Apple’s bodegas, the desire to create an updated version of the old timey sampler and our grumbling stomachs (it was almost lunchtime), we asked our current Minties—who call Vancouver, Halifax, and anywhere in between home—to share their favourite songs with us. After that, they nominated their friends to contribute tracks. Together they make up the first cassette Mint Records has released since Pansy Division’s Wish I’d Taken Pictures in 1996!

With plenty of flavours from across the country to choose, we let our roster be the tastemakers and picked up some savoury sounds in the process from Tough Age, Renny Wilson, Monomyth, Jay Arner, Kellarissa, Pick A Piper, and more! Many of these songs are previously unreleased and all are delicious! Photographed and coordinated by our transcontinental label manager, Shena Yoshida, and mastered by our very own Jay Arner, Hot Heros is a sonic smorgasbord for your aural appetite.

Although you will be able to stream the digital version of this compilation, only 300 physical copies of these little hotcakes will be manufactured. The first 50 people through the door can pick one up as a free gift at this year’s Ridiculously Early Xmas Party. So, fire up your Sony Sportsman on Saturday, November 29 and head down to the Electric Owl (928 Main St, Vancouver), but be sure to get there early as these will vanish fast!

Now, in case the album art didn’t get your earbuds salivating, you’re probably wondering what these bands are all about!

Renny Wilson – Sometimes mistaken for a slap-dash showman at first sight, this funny-man-gone-disco-gone-punk is about as versatile a performer and talented a engineer/producer as you can find. “Youngsters”, off this year’s Punk Explosion cassette, is no exception.

Other Jesus – Vancouver newcomers comprised of three music vets, Sheik Hardy, Jose & Maria, and Auntie Christ, the full frontal satire of O.J. is neither orange nor juice. Before appearing on Hot Heros, “Couch” was previously released on the sweet, sweet, lo-fi mess of 2014’s Bachelors of Art cassette.

Old & Weird – Halifax is a long ways away from Vancouver, and we don’t get there very often, but thankfully our pals Monomyth introduced us to their pals Old & Weird. Taken from this summer’s What I Saw cassette, “Peachy Beach” delivers exactly what it promises: an irresistible pop ditty that will have you singing along in the sunshine.

Tough Age – Wait. What’s going on here? A previously unreleased version of Tough Age playing cub’s “My Chinchilla”? A Mint band covering another Mint band? Greg Sage was right: there is no generation gap, at least between these two.

Heaven For Real – Warbly experimental pop from a couple of our favourite brothers on the East Coast, Mark and Scott Grundy, “Hard Done By” could hardly be done better by anyone else.

Monomyth – I have no idea what the title “Faces Magazine” is getting at but I really wish I did since everything this Halifax quartet touches to turns to gold, and sometimes even real money. This jam is so new, even the Mint staff haven’t heard it yet but I’m just going to go ahead and say it’s brilliant.

Creaks – Very little is known about Edmonton dream-pop outfit Creaks. They are elusive. They are timeless. They are not here. We do know that Renny Wilson helped record and produce this song.

Pick A Piper – When he’s not performing in Caribou’s live act, Brad Weber makes some pretty great dance music of his own. When we first heard it, we were shocked to discover “Fluency” was an outtake from Pick A Piper’s 2013’s self-titled Mint debut. Good thing it made it onto this comp!

Jay Arner – Does this man really need an explanation? If you’ve heard of Mint Records, you’ve probably come across this genius of pop songcrafting in some way or another. If you haven’t, this is a great place to start since he mastered every track on Hot Heros. Thanks, Jay!

Cult Babies – The first time I ever heard Cult Babies was at a little hole-in-the-wall sushi joint in Vancouver and so the fact that this previously unreleased track called “On A Roll” made it onto this comp only adds to my theory that Hasan is a wizard or possibly a secret agent. Also, if you’re planning on opening a restaurant, make sure there’s miso fries on the menu. They’re delish.

Energy Slime – Another gem from the Vancouver micro-pop outfit fronted by Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle, “After Tonight (It Will Never Be Night)” continues on the short and spacey trail of this year’s New Dimensional, which, if you haven’t heard, you probably should.

Watermelon – The slowly oozing lo-fi goodness of “Silver Surfer” from this Vancouver trio sticks in your mind the same way that a comic book character riding a surf board across the stratosphere does: with pure toes-on-the-nose chilllllll. Surf's up!

Supermoon – Previously known as Movieland, this power-pop band has been at it for a while now and definitely deserves the landslide of praise they’ve been getting. “Burnout of my Dreams” is the first recording to be released under their Supermoon moniker, but you will probably recognize their sound from the Movieland track on Mint/CITR Pop Alliance, Vol. 3.

Weird Candle – As their name implies, the dark ambient synth project from Vancouverites Kilroy Katerwol and Caleb Blagdon is an odd and dimly lit one. We still love it though.

Kellarissa – Larissa Loyva (aka Kellarissa) has been on the road a lot recently, singing in front of stadium crowds and making new friends around the world as a backup singer/keyboard player in How To Dress Well’s touring band. She can also be seen in her other project, Fake Tears. “Ships in the Night”, features Larissa's soaring voice and is a synthy, previously unreleased dream. 


It is that time of year again! We're carving pumpkins, bringing out our warmest sweaters and preparing to depart for a few more music festivals before the snow flies. For those of you heading to CMJ, we will be there with Monomyth! Please pop by one of these shows to say hello. 


10/21 - Pete's Candy Store, Riot Act Happy Hour (7:45pm)

10/24 - The Cake Shop, Break Thru Radio Party (1pm)

10/24 - Pianos, Planetary Group Party (4:30pm) 

Mr. Renny Wilson is also flying into Halifax for a Pop Explosion performance. Go and see this magical man! 


10/23 - Marquee Ballroom (9:30pm) 




That’s right, you heard us: we’re proud to be working with Energy Slime, the latest venture from Jay Arner and his bandmate/partner-in-crime, Jessica Delisle! Seamlessly slipping between diverse, even psychoactive, moods, this is a lighthearted and—dare we say—free-flowing outfit for the Vancouver mainstay. And we’re not talking the kind of goop you’d expect from Slimer or Powder Puff here, this is pure aural ectoplasm. Look for Energy Slime's New Dimensional in a record shop near you (or order it from us) on November 11th, 2014

Yep, it's that time of year again where we pile the Mint family into a van (or two if we're lucky) and swap coastal for cattle. Why on earth would we do that? For none other than the eighth edition of Calgary's Sled Island, of course!!

It's not like we're just bringing along a band or two either. This year we're having a whole freakin' showcase, and we've teamed up with our friends Super Moon (formerly Movieland) for good measure!


Friday, June 20th, 2014 at Commonwealth Bar & Stage (731 10 Ave SW) from 12:30 - 5:30 PM! FREE!


Jay Arner 4:30pm (Vancouver, BC - Mint Records)

Tough Age 3:30pm (Vancouver, BC - Mint Records)

Renny Wilson 2:30pm (Edmonton, AB - Mint Records)

Super Moon 1:30pm (Vancouver, BC)

Doors at 12:30pm

But wait! That's not all! Each of the bands will also have an official Sled Island evening showcase as well. Stay tuned to the facebook event for those details as they unfold, and don't forget to RSVP while you're there!


Big News! We at Mint are pleased to announce our latest signing, Monomyth, from Halifax, NS! Their Mint Records debut, Saturnalia Regalia! will be available to the masses on July 22nd. 
Monomyth is a crown jewel in the court of the crimson and clover. The Halifax four-piece carries on the hallowed East Coast tradition of janglophile pop with a smirking sense of humour, stadium-sized hooks, and starry-eyed harmonies from the barbershop of broken dreams. Though Saturnalia Regalia! shows a clear sonic lineage with the holy Halifax trinity of Sloan, Thrush Hermit and the Super Friendz (whose bassist Charles Austin assisted in this album’s production), Monomyth also invoke the amber-encased Americana of Big Star, pranksterish pop moves of The dB’s and The Soft Boys, Television’s tangled guitarmonies, MBV tremolo ’gaze, and the radiant ramble of Relatively Clean Rivers.
The band includes Josh Salter, Seamus Dalton, Graeme Stewart and Matt Peters. You may recognize some of them from Halifax's pop elite as they are also members of Nap Eyes, Psychic Fair and the excellent Moon. 
Now that we've piqued your interest, we've posted a teaser track, "Candleholder"  on Soundcloud over here. Stream away! And let us know what you think. 

Upcoming Dates:

4/19 - Halifax, NS @ Gus' Pub w/ Old and and Weird, Cat Bag and Wet Denim
4/24 - St Johns, NFLD @ The Ship w/ By Divine Right and Matthew Thompson
5/21 - Halifax, NS @ Gus' Pub w/ Sheer Agony
6/18 - Toronto, ONT - NXNE Craft Singles Showcase w/ Old and Weird, Each Other, Toronto Homicide Squad

Once again, we're unpacking our sunglasses and summer attire from storage and will be migrating South to the city of Austin, Texas for their SXSW festival. Are you going to be there too? Let's get heatstroke together! 

We're also planning a party! It's free, and unofficial, and you should come see some of Canada's finest bands in action! 

Thursday, March 13th, 2014
at HEADHUNTERS (720 Red River)
1-6pm! FREE! 

1:15 - TOPS (Montreal, QC - Arbutus)
1:55 - Calvin Love (Edmonton, AB)
2:35 - Sean Nicholas Savage (Montreal, QC - Arbutus)
3:15 - Pick A Piper (Toronto, ON - Mint Records)
3:55 - Jay Arner (Vancouver, BC - Mint Records)
4:35 - Tough Age (Vancouver, BC - Mint Records)
5:15 - The Pack AD (Vancouver, BC - Nettwerk)

Oh, and you should come early, there will be FREE TACOS and other surprises. 

We have a facebook event up over here, where we'll be posting up-to-the-minute updates. 

We'd also like to send a big THANK YOUUU to Exclaim! 


Hello Friends!!

We know it's still November, but our Ridiculously Early Xmas Party is back and coming up soon... 

Saturday, November 30th
The Ukrainian Hall (805 E Pender) 
Doors are at 7pm
This is a 19+ event, sorry!! 

Nardwuar and The Evaporators
Tough Age
Renny Wilson
Jay Arner
Chris Mastheim (aka Nick Krgovich of No Kids/P:ano/etc)
Fake Tears
Shawn Mrazek Lives!
DJ Duncan McHugh (host of Duncan's Donuts on CiTR)

Tickets are $10 in advance (available online at brownpapertickets or in-person at Red Cat and Zulu) or $13 at the door.

As per the Ridiculously Early tradition, there will be presents for the earliest people.

Partial proceeds go to support SAINTS, a sanctuary for senior/special needs animals and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.

And lastly, we'd like to give our sponsors, CiTR 101.9FM and Phillips Beer a big thumbs up.

See you there!


Holy smokes! Jay Arner and his band are preparing to embark on their first tour of America. And they have a new video. Watch it here, and then tell your friends in Philadelphia to check him out!

Jay Arner's Upcoming Tour Dates: 
Oct 3 - Simply Delicious, Vancouver, BC *
Oct 4 - Heartland, Seattle, WA *
Oct 5 - Neato Burrito, Spokane, WA *
Oct 6 - VFW, Missoula, MT *
Oct 7 - Wild Joe's, Bozeman, MT *
Oct 8 - Pangea House, Minot, ND *
Oct 9 - TBA, Fargo, ND *
Oct 10 - Fuck Mountain, Minneapolis, MN *
Oct 11 - Observatory Studios, Chicago, IL
Oct 12 - The Shop, Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 13 - MakeSpace, Harrisburg, PA *
Oct 14 - Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 15 - Brooklyn Rod and Gun Club, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 16 - TBA
Oct 17 - Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY (Riot Act Day Party) 
Oct 18 - Piano's, New York, NY (Planetary Group Day Party)
Oct 21 - TBA, Burlington, VT
Oct 22 - Divan Orange, Montreal, QC
Oct 23 - Gus' Pub, Halifax, NS (Halifax Pop Explosion) 
Oct 25 - Gus' Pub, Halifax, NS (Mint Records Day Party) 
Oct 27 - Thunder and Lightning, Sackville, NB
Oct 28 - Flask Lounge, Portland, ME
Oct 30 - Coco 66, New York, NY
Oct 31 - Paperhaus, Washington DC
Nov 1 - TBA, Baltimore, MD
Nov 2 - The Garage, Charlottesville, VA
Nov 3 - Pinhook, Durham, NC
Nov 4 - Green Room, Athens, GA
Nov 5 - The Other Basement, Nashville, TN
Nov 6 - TBA, Memphis, TN
Nov 7 - Circle Bar, New Orleans, LA
Nov 8 - Crown and Harp, Dallas, TX
Nov 9 - Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX
Nov 10 - TBA
Nov 11 - Burt's Tiki Lounge, Albuquerque, NM
Nov 12 - TLMS, Tuscon, AZ
Nov 13 - TBA, Flagstaff, AZ
Nov 14 - Katzen Culture Club, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 15 - TBA, San Francisco, CA
Nov 16 - Alibi, Arcata, CA
Nov 17 - Rontoms, Portland, OR
Nov 18 - Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA
* with Cult Babies


Hello Internet!

We at Mint just wanted to let you know about our most recent collaboration. This time, we're partnering with the intrepid Ketamines, who are presently preparing to tour Canada with our pals Tough Age AND piecing together a collection of four 7" records that will be released on various labels. We'll be helping them get the fourth, and maybe final in the series, out this winter.

The artwork matches up to form a giant collage, made by scissor enthusiast and artist, Felix Morel of Montreal. COLLECT ALL FOUR. The other three are available from Pleasence Records, Leaning Trees Records and Hosehead Records or from the band on tour (go and see them already).

The Ketamines come from the prairie hinterland town of Lethbridge, Alberta, but presently call Toronto home. You can read more about them here.


The Ketamines on tour: 

Aug 14 - Toronto, Ontario at Parts and Labour %

Aug 22 - Hamilton, ON at This Ain't Hollywood *

Aug 23 - Toronto, ON at Imperial Lounge *

Aug 24 - Windsor, ON at Phog Lounge *

Aug 25 - St. Catherines, ON at Niagara Artists Centre *

Aug 27 - London, ON at Call the Office *

Aug 28 - Guelph, ON at Van Gogh's Ear *

Aug 29 - Kingston, ON at The Artel *

Aug 30 - Ottawa, ON at Gabba Hey! *

Sept 01 - Kitchener, ON at Uncross Your Arms Fest *#

Nov 15 - Toronto, Ontario at Silver Dollar - Mammoth Cave Anniversary Bash!


* with Tough Age # with Sam Coffey

% with Human Eye, Cellphone and Wrong Hole