It started innocently enough with plans of having a night out to celebrate's recent renovations. Then, our talented friends, Cloudsplitter (Ida Nelson and Dave Gowans), Shane Nelken (of The Awkward Stage), Veda Hille, Paul and Lucy (of Young and Sexy) and Victoria's dark lord of the squeezebox, David P. Smith stepped in. Now, we've got ourselves a special acoustic evening booked. So come visit us on August 16th at The Main (4210 Main St.), and visit our Fancy New Website at It'll be fun. We promise.

Who: Cloudsplitter, Veda Hille, Shane Nelken, Paul and Lucy and David P. Smith.

What: Friends of Mint, unplugged!

Where: The Main (4210 Main St.)

When: 10:00pm on Aug 16th, 2007

Why: Because is here and out of control! Or, because Dave Gowans had a plan that evolved into a big acoustic evening of fun. You choose.

Phew, this year’s Mint Records Just in Time for Xmas parties are over. And, after two action-packed nights at the Railway club, we’ve managed to raise $4,343 for our neighbours at The PHS Community Services Society, who provide sustainable housing and services to high-risk individuals in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

Thanks to The Awkward Stage, Bella, The Buttless Chaps, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, Hot Panda, Immaculate Machine, Kellarissa, The Pack A.D., The Ramblin’ Ambassadors, Vancougar and Young and Sexy for making these events such a success! A special thank-you goes out to our generous prize sponsors, and of course to everyone who came out to the Railway on those nights!

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Have you gotten a Fresh Breath of Mint this summer? Well, once you do, you'll learn the secret to Carolyn Mark's Ultimate Salad, get some sound advice from our resident rocktologist/cremationist, Shane Nelken, of the Awkward Stage, giggle over Nardwuar's interviews and oogle some comics created by our friends in Immaculate Machine. And, it gets better. Our little Fresh Breath of Mint zine is not only awesome, it's free! If you can't find one at your local record store, we'll send you one. Just send a nice note here. We'll help you out.

And, if you're really really keen. We're always on the lookout for Minty allies to help spread the freshness around their one-horse towns. Yup. That's right people, we love our Minty correspondents. Interested? Ask Shena how you can help.



Holey smokes! They’ve passed the test!

Yes, it was originally a 1993 release, but, cub’s cuddlecore classic, Betti-Cola is back on the college charts! This week, Betti-Cola is sitting pretty at #89 on the CMJ Top 200. Neat!

We’re still crazy about Lisa M, Lisa G, Robynn and Valeria’s catchy songs about chinchillas, Motel 6 and flaming red bobsleds. We’ve even re-mastered added bonus tracks and re-released Betti-Cola and Come Out Come Out into the world. Catch 'em if you can!


2007 has been quite the year for us at Mint Records; we've signed some great new bands (Bella, The Pack A.D. & Vancougar), teared up when our beloved office plant, Myrtle II, passed on and celebrated many new releases.
In early June, Brooke, Luke and Kathryn of Immaculate Machine released their sophomore Mint album, Fables. You should have seen CBC Radio 3 personality, Grant Lawrence's face when Brooke and Kathryn revealed that they translated their song "Dear Confessor", into Mandarin because of a cheeky comment he made on the air. Apparently, it was priceless.
Remember meeting our lovely new band, Bella? Well, since then, they've released their dreamy Mint debut, No One Will Know, taken their first trip to CMJ and are growing up so very fast.
Since recording her woodsy Nothing is Free, Carolyn Mark has been racing around America with her friends Po' Girl and collecting more delicious recipes for the Fresh Breath of Mint Zine. (Her butternut squash casserole from Ashland, Oregon has become an office favourite. Contact us if you'd like to know how it is made.)
Ambitious Uncle Nardwuar has been busy too with Welcome to my Castle, his new DVD of fearless celebrity interview footage, his 20th anniversary on CiTR Radio, his retro shirtless floatie pen and his six (!!!) new videos from The Evaporators' new record, Gassy Jack and Other Tales. His energy is awe-inspiring.
Since we last spoke, The Awkward Stage teamed up with Young and Sexy to produce a split 7-inch. P:ano's Nick Krgovich, stopped by with his solo One Woman Show before returning to his home in Burquitlam. And The Choir Practice is getting ready for some holiday carols at the upcoming Just In Time For Xmas Parties. If you're free in December, we would love to see you there.
We're looking forwards to 2008. In January, we re-release The Pack A.D.'s Tintype. In February, Vancougar's "Obvious" b/w "Distance" 7-inch is out. And, there shall soon be surprises from Young and Sexy, The Ramblin' Ambassadors, Vancougar, The Awkward Stage, Novillero and many others.
SXSW is coming fast too. This year, the Mint SXSW Showcase will be epic. If everything goes as planned, we could have six Mint bands (The Awkward Stage, Bella, Carolyn Mark, The Choir Practice, The Pack A.D. and Vancougar) migrating South and getting into all sorts of trouble – we'll tell you all about it next year!
On that note, we wish you a happy holiday season and a exciting 2008!
Your Friends at Mint Records
Mint Releases in 2007

Click on the songs below for your free MP3 download:

The Choir Practice The Choir Practice - Red Fox

Nick Krgovich 7" - One Woman Show

Young and Sexy/Awkward Stage" Double A Side Series Volume 1 7" - Hello Sonny

Immaculate Machine Fables - C'Mon Sea Legs

Carolyn Mark Nothing Is Free - The 1 That Got Away With it

Bella No One Will Know - Camelot

The Evaporators Gassy Jack and Other Tales - You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out

Nardwuar the Human Serviette Welcome To My Castle DVD