Vancouver-based queer synth pop icons Kellarissa and Devours have released an end of summer banger called “Change My Mind” and share upcoming joint tour dates.

Kellarissa (Larissa Loyva) and Devours (Jeff Cancade) were drawn to one another as kindred spirits longing to carve out a space for their queer, pop-infused synthwave. After touring together in 2018, it was a natural progression to collaborate on a song, which finally materialized in the fall of 2020 in the form of "Change My Mind". They've been patiently scheming ever since to unleash it upon unsuspecting fans. Cancade laid out the tracks and fleshed out the chorus, while Loyva contributed the verses, their voices effortlessly blending together to create a bittersweet anthem about having second thoughts in a relationship.

Listen to the song here.

Tour Dates:

8/21 - Record Release Show @ The Lido (Kellarissa w/ The Golden Age of Wrestling)
9/3 - Wonderhorse (Devours)
9/8 - Victoria - TBD
9/9 - Nanaimo @ City Hole
9/10 - Cumberland @ Masonic Hall
9/11 - Gibsons @ ‘Postrophe
9/17 - Vancouver @ Anza Club w/ Total Chroma
10/1 - Pop Montreal (Kellarissa)

‘My life: a slow clap progression, pace rising; to celebrate in the smallest finding - feels right to show admiration that grows,’ Mark Grundy begins on “Slow Clap”, the first track from Heaven For Real’s sophomore full-length Energy Bar, out September 16 on Mint Records.

Formed in 2012, and consisting of songwriter twins Mark and J. Scott Grundy (Quaker Parents) and their frequent collaborators, drummer Nathan Doucet and synth player/percussionist Cher Hann, the Toronto by way of Halifax project has been taking time to shape the follow-up to their 2016 Mint debut, Kill Your Memory. Springboarding from their early 2022 EP, Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In A Cool Way, they describe the project as a “living collaboration”, one that strives to compress life’s truths into a distorted reflection of all of its facets. It’s this that drives Energy Bar–a hyper, trash-compacted mosaic of the band ten years in that’s simultaneously dreamlike and alive.

Recording the album with Jonas Bonnetta at Port William Sound, H4R aimed to cultivate an electrically charged live energy, which they fuse with rich and playful compositions. Tracks like “Lately” and “Energy Bar” are defined by tireless, wired drums, around which are woven buoyant guitar lines, sounding at times like the weirder shades of bands like Meat Puppets, Prefab Sprout and even early Cate Le Bon. Included too are hints of The Feelies, Mdou Moctar, Built To Spill and Cast; Heaven For Real’s approach is an experimental one, yet one unafraid to embrace genre as a tool for expression.

“Slow Clap” introduces the themes of the record; those of winking affirmations, of accepting all the different angles of reality, and of keeping one’s eyes open to the tactile physical world (Can You Believe It?). The lyrics here are incisive yet poetic, and you believe them when they opine: “I won’t take the grit of confession way lightly.” “Do Your Worst” is a meditation on frustration and dishonesty, while “Wait in the Doorway” is an oblique kind of love song. On album highlight “Years In My Mirage”, a nervy, subtly-built tension is released into feverish guitar licks, while dissecting  the brutal futility of chasing a preconceived path. 

This is a rare kind of album, capturing with gentle truth the endless streams of wonder and failure that make up the everyday. There’s a dense and mysterious world here, with grasps at brief moments of understanding before it all shifts again. They bookend the record with the closing track “Noon Riser”: “We are more than all that we confess. “It’s hard to admit what you are, and even then you are more than that. And that’s hard too; but don’t worry.”

"Multiple spins reveal a fully functioning universe that becomes increasingly familiar as one's ear-holes begin to acclimate to the pressure changes." - James Christopher Monge, Allmusic

"These folks are creating artsy pop that has some peculiar qualities but is ultimately very listenable and TOTALLY addictive." -


  1. Slow Clap
  2. Do Your Worst 
  3. Wait In The Doorway 
  4. Energy Bar
  5. Further The Thrill 
  6. Lately 
  7. Underwater Song 
  8. Years In My Mirage 
  9. Take It Away 
  10. Noon Riser 

RIYL: The Feelies, Mdou Moctar, Built To Spill, Cate Le bon 

Tom Churchill | Hive Mind PR


Pre-orders available on the Mint web store

Few bands torpedo the ears with as much intensity as Kamikaze Nurse. Since forming in 2018, the Vancouver quartet have captivated audiences with scorching music that’s been described as “ethereal skronk,” “Deleuzian rock,” and the “best of the ‘90s.” In 2019, they released their first full-length, Bucky Fleur, via Agony Klub. This spring, Kamikaze Nurse make their Mint Records debut with the focused and dynamic Stimuloso.

Combining the word “stimulus” and the Spanish suffix “-oso,” Stimuloso explores—and elicits—just that: a stimulated, excited feeling. Whereas Bucky Fleur engulfed listeners in swirling chaos, Stimuloso presents an evolution, taking risks in playful introspection and refined composition. The turbulent title-track defines the album’s mood and message, that through the entanglement of love and hate, life and death, and starts and stops, a potent, vitalic charge arises.

The 10 tracks on Stimuloso began gestating soon after Kamikaze Nurse finished recording Bucky Fleur. “Aileen” was written in response to a friend’s passing in 2019. The undeniably poppy ballad “Come from Wood” wrote itself after singer-guitarist KC Wei listened to the Pixies’ B-side “Into the White” on repeat for months, all the while pondering the song’s simplistic, mysterious allure. “Never Better”’s meditative mantra, “Ya never / Get better,” circles back over itself like a My Bloody Valentine zen painting, culminating in a soothing state of bliss. These three songs lay the foundation for the rest of the album, which came together through an organic and increasingly collaborative songwriting process between Wei, guitarist Ethan Reyes, bassist Sonya Eui, and drummer John Brennan

In 2020, amidst the first wave of the pandemic, the members spent six months self-recording instrumentals for Stimuloso in their jam space. After another weekend completing vocals at Rain City Recorders, they handed off the album to Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, who further endowed Stimuloso with swagger and teeth through his skillful mixing.

Characteristic of Kamikaze Nurse, whose name comes from activist-philosopher Simone Weil’s unfulfilled humanitarian death wish, Stimuloso draws inspiration from an array of sources including David Cronenburg’s gut-wrenching tragedy Dead Ringers, the free-flowing, vaguely narrative poetry of John Ashbery, and Mao Zedong’s “Iron Girls,” icons of changing gender norms during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Softly spoken lines of poetry combine with recurring motifs of animals barking, snapping, and growling to conjure a sensory universe both ethereal and familiar.

Kamikaze Nurse’s evocative integration of melody and noise, along with their interests in film, literature, and history, creates a narrative world containing its own internal logic. Pushing beyond genres and conventions, there isn’t a dull moment as Stimuloso propels listeners through a gamut of emotions ridged with dizzying highs. 

“That shit is good, damnit” -Dan Bejar

“Not an easy feat to gel these big-sonic influences into your own thing” -Carey Mercer

A1. Boom Josie*
A2. P & O
A3. Stimuloso
A4. Aileen
A5. Dead Ringers
B6. Never Better*
B7. Pet Meds*
B8. Come From Wood*
B9. Work + Days
B10. ubobo

*Focus Tracks 

Out June 3, 2022 on Mint Records. Pre-orders available on Bandcamp and the Mint Webstore.

New EP Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In A Cool Way Out March 25 on Mint Records

Watch video here | Listen here

Vancouver, BC – March 10, 2022 – Today the Toronto by way of Halifax art rockers Heaven For Real announce their new EP, Sweet Rose Green Winter Desk Top Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In a Cool Way and share a lyric video for “Sweet Rose,” out now. 

“Sweet Rose” is the first track from Sweet Rose Green Winter Desktop Tell This Side Autumn Of The Fighter Hot In a Cool Way, and the accompanying lyric video features wavy visuals and text by the band’s own Cher Hann and Mark Grundy.

“Sweet Rose” is a song mostly about how specialness fades, how the idea of beauty is beholden to your own shifting experience, and how nobody is going to align exactly with the way you see things–and trying to find understanding in and of that. 

The first three singles from the EP, “Sweet Rose,” “Green Winter,” and “Desk Top” are available on streaming platforms now. The full 6-song EP is set for release on Mint Records on March 25.

Kellarissa offers redemption to lost souls searching for meaning in dark places. Voice Leading, her fourth full-length album with Mint Records, is a vulnerable, self-realized ode to female desire, regret, shame, self-compassion, and cautious healing. 

To accompany the announcement of her forthcoming record, she shares a music video for the title track: a mysterious music video about obsession, perception and desire. Watch it here.

Kellarissa (Finnish for “in the basement”) is the solo moniker of experimental pop artist Larissa Loyva, whose two-decade-long output of exacting pop music also includes her critically acclaimed collaborations with Nicholas Krgovich in the chamber pop band p:ano, synth-pop duo Fake Tears, early pop-choir ingenues The Choir Practice, as well as stints as a touring member of How to Dress Well and Destroyer. She is best known for layering vocals and synthesized sounds, and for making abstract themes relatable through her questioning lyrics and poetic sensibilities.

Kellarissa composed Voice Leading during lockdowns and times of uncertainty, allowing her to explore her psyche through her music: “Creating in this vacuum had a wild effect on me, had me constantly doubting my own abilities. My imposter syndrome was off the charts at times. But I pushed myself to continue writing and recording, and to face the effects problematic drinking and pent-up mental anguish had on my creativity and sense of self; it gave me the perspective to discover areas in which I needed help and healing in my life.” 

Although the album was self-produced and recorded, Kellarissa enlisted the help of Jesse Gander (Japandroids, The Pack a.d.) and Jeff Cancade (Devours, The Golden Age of Wrestling) for final mixing touches, and the record was mastered by Ryan Morey (Daniel Romano, Yves Jarvis). The result is a saturated sonic tableau of cinematic synths and soaring crystalline vocals, artfully produced pop music that can be placed with the likes of Perfume Genius as well as more idiosyncratic producers like Laurel Halo.

Voice Leading is Kellarissa’s most conceptual record yet, situating listeners in an enigmatic hall of possibility. References to Anne Garréta’s 1986 Oulipan nightclub novel Sphinx are woven throughout the album. On “Bad Influence” and “After Hours,” cerebral pop turns are inflected with the savvy dance energy of nineties iconoclasts like Björk and Pulp. Synth-driven title track (and lead single) “Voice Leading” flirts with affairs of the mind and the agony of not knowing. There’s a scenario Kellarissa can’t quite put her finger on in “Anemoia,” where déjà vu is veiled by anxiety and dread: “I’m feeling a nostalgia for a place I’ve never been.”

Creating this record was Kellarissa’s antidote for challenging times. With Voice Leading, she is able to take the infinite depth and formlessness of the club and give it edges, corners: a pulsating shape that plumbs the dark spaces hollowed out by yearning, restraint, and despair in an attempt to crack the enigma and let in the light.

RIYL: Perfume Genius, Kate Bush, Björk, Laurel Halo, Nite Jewel

Track Listing
A1. Exposition
A2. Desire Path
A3. Anemoia
A4. Voice Leading
A5. Bad Influence

B6. Sphinx
B7. To The Wind At Morn
B8. Dread
B9. Tempting Fate
B10. After Hours
Bonus track for CD & Digital: 11. Fantasy Impromptu (Instrumental)

Pre-order Voice Leading on the Mint web store and Bandcamp until the release date: April 1, 2022. 

The Pack a.d. and Mint Records have teamed up once again to awaken the dormant beast that is Unpersons.

Originally released on September 13, 2011, Mint Records is releasing a 10th anniversary edition of Unpersons by The Pack a.d. on “haunted” glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a foil cover. 

This limited 10th anniversary reissue of Unpersons celebrates an album that established The Pack a.d. as a band by which to compare others. 

Shredding and pounding their way through every song, The Pack a.d. swallows you whole inside their own fearless Franken-blend of heavy psych pop/garage-rock. 

Unpersons was recorded at the legendary Hive Studios with engineer Jesse Gander and famed Detroit producer (The White Stripes, The Detroit Cobras, Electric 6) Jim Diamond, who insisted on flying in to produce the record firsthand. After the sessions, the band went back to Michigan to perfect the mix together. 

The result was a flawless record that took all the snarl, piss, vinegar, venom and vitriol heard on The Pack a.d.’s first three albums into a realm distinctly their own. Any prior reference to other rock duos like The Kills or White Stripes became no longer relevant after Unpersons

10 years later, singles from Unpersons are still some of The Pack a.d.'s most recognizable and beloved, including fan favourites “Sirens” and “Haunt You”.

Long live The Pack a.d.!

The riffs are raw and raunchy, the drums hit like a punch to the gut, and the no-bullshit production highlights the two-piece’s primal power.” 

Alex Hudson, The Tyee 

“The Pack is not just another garage-blues duo, it’s one of the best, it’s pushing that loose sound in its own direction. It’s a feat to make hard-driving rock feel desolate, simultaneously woodsy and industrial.”

- Mike Ostrov, Nine Bullets

Pre-order this special reissue of Unpersons, which arrives February 4. 


Season's Greetings! The time has come for the Mint Records Ridiculously Early Holiday Party!

The night will feature live performances by Tough Age, Energy Slime, Kellarissa, and Kamikaze Nurse. We'll have special guests from New Moon Comedy, and performance videos by Sook-Yin Lee, Wares, and Dumb!

Where: Red Gate (1965 Main Street) and Online (Streaming link will be provided)

When: Saturday, November 27, 2021

Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8:00pm

Tickets: $10 pre-sale on Eventbrite or PWYC at door (Suggested $15). If you are not a Red Gate member, you'll have to buy a PWYC membership at the door. Get your tickets here.

Venue info: In order to abide by the provincial health orders in place for “Phase 3” the Red Gate will be operating under the following conditions until further notice:

  1. Capacity is set to 120, not including staff or performers.
  2. All events will have seating. If attendees wish to remove their mask while they watch the acts they must remain seated. (You may remain standing if you wear a mask.)
  3. Masks will be mandatory when not seated or outside in the smoking area.
  4. All events will be open to Red Gate members only. A membership can be purchased at the door for $10 (PWYC) and supplying your email address and vaccine immunization record.

We ask that only people who are fully vaccinated attend our events. We also ask that if people are feeling symptomatic that they stay home.

If you can't attend in-person, but still want to support your favourite bands, you can get a PWYC online ticket to stream the show from home.

Fundraiser: The funds raised from online and in-person ticket sales for this event will be matched by Mint Records and donated to the Urban Native Youth Association, whose work supports Indigenous youth leadership by providing a diverse continuum of advocacy, preventative and support services that respond to their immediate and long-term needs.

Show poster design: Nada Hayek @sloppyjohannson

Are you hungry? Mint Records is dishing out our tastiest single since cub’s Hot Dog Day! In collaboration with notorious Vancouver comic artist Cole Pauls and Conundrum Press, we’ve got a 2 for 1 deal lined up that will make your mouth water! To celebrate Cole’s new comic collection, Pizza Punks, we’ve rounded up the savory sounds of two of Vancouver’s deluxe punk combos, Dumb and Tough Age!

Dumb delivers “Pizza Slice,” a piping hot pie of chopped chords drizzled with their secret sauce of jittery verse and tangy feedback that will melt your mozza and your face. Best served on a Saturday night with your best pals but also life saving the next morning when you wake up late and need something to get you moving!

Tough Age takes you out for a date night to a classy Italian place with checkered tablecloths and a candle stuck in an empty wine bottle. They serve up “Giuseppe Pizzeria” and it’s a refreshingly authentic taste of the band's time tested recipe of fresh jangle and creamy vocals, all served on a crisp and swaggering crust. 

Both tracks are presented on a personal sized 7 inch platter pressed on melted mozza yellow vinyl and is available at your finest local licorice pizza parlour or delivered to your door via Mint Records. The record also comes with a bonus 8 page comic book featuring Dumb’s XL adventures, illustrated by Cole Pauls, and Risograph printed by Moniker Press. Pre-order is now up and running on and bandcamp and out everywhere on July 9, 2021.

Cole Pauls is a Tahltan comic artist, illustrator and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory) with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Residing in Vancouver, Pauls focuses on his two comic series, the first being Pizza Punks: a self contained comic strip about punks eating pizza, the other being Dakwäkãda Warriors. In 2017, Pauls won Broken Pencil Magazine’s Best Comic and Best Zine of the Year Award for Dakwäkãda Warriors II. In 2020, Dakwäkãda Warriors won Best Work in an Indigenous Language from the Indigenous Voices Awards and was nominated for the Doug Wright Award categories, The Egghead & The Nipper.

An iconic Canadian media figure, Sook-Yin Lee is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, actor, visual artist and broadcaster who has immersed herself in myriad creative collaborations. Many of them were made with her life partner and frequent co-creator Adam Litovitz, including their 2015 ethereal electroacoustic album jooj. Though Adam passed away in 2019, his work with Sook-Yin lives on with jooj two, an unapologetic dive into playful art-pop and a document of a lost language between lovers. The album will arrive on April 9 via Mint Records. 

(TW: Suicide) While financial difficulties and external pressures contributed to the end of their romantic relationship, Sook-Yin and Adam remained best friends and creative partners. As he was busy with a soundtrack for Netflix, Adam gave Sook-Yin his blessing to continue working on their second album without him. Increasingly, Adam struggled with anxiety and depression, compounded by a prescription drug dependency that exacerbated insomnia and pain. Tragically, he died by suicide on June 16, 2019. 

Adam’s passing was a profound loss for Sook-Yin and so many who loved him. Sook-Yin saw pieces of Adam’s irrepressible spirit — as well as the story of their relationship — contained within the music they had recorded for jooj two and was determined to share it with the world. With the assistance of mixer Steve Chahley (U.S. Girls, Badge Époque Ensemble, Darlene Shrugg) Sook-Yin completed the album and will share it with the world this spring.


Despite the circumstances surrounding its completion, jooj two is a celebration of life, especially Adam’s. Playful experimentalism drives the pair’s life-long love of pop music and taps into moments from across the genre’s vast history from the warm psychedelic sunshine of “Rumble Like a Stranger” to the neon lit autobahn of “Run Away of Her” and the buzzing euphoria of “Re-Veil.” 

There is intentionality and inherent uniqueness to their songwriting approach that first took shape by Sook-Yin responding to a musical phrase with vocal melodies and stream of consciousness lyrics. Those experiments were transcribed and delightfully interpreted by Adam then returned to Sook-Yin for finessing. The resulting wordplay across 11 enigmatic and accessible tracks evokes the feeling of a new language being born.

jooj two is a fitting collaboration to cap off a lifetime of work together.

“... a one woman media arts convergence. One of those truly original people our culture spits out once every generation or so.”

Their new album, Which Way Am I?, is out August 7, 2020 on Mint Records

One of Mint's longest running acts, Tough Age, are back today with the announcement of their 4th album, Which Way Am I?, a great indie rock record inspired by the DIY adventurism of 80's underground labels like Flying Nun and Rough Trade. The band premiered the album's first single today via FLOOD Magazine on which bassist Penny Clark channels Cate Le Bon before the song takes on a meditative motorik coda. 

Listen to "Repose"

Tough Age continue to change shape on their new album, Which Way Am I? Drifting into unexplored territories of dreamy guitar workouts while expanding their instrumentation to include flute, synths, and organs, they hit fresh strides. Cultivating the collaborative approach of their last LP, Shame, this album finds bassist/vocalist Penny Clark contributing lead vocals on three songs with music written by guitarist/vocalist Jarrett Evan Samson. Side one’s shorter run-times fight against the current with frenetic agitation, while side two’s meditative, melancholy songs welcome death’s sweet embrace.

Pre-Order Which Way Am I Here

While they originated in Vancouver, Tough Age has since been based in Toronto since 2015 as a trio consisting of Samson, Clark, and drummer Jesse Locke (Simply Saucer, Chandra). Establishing themselves locally while touring across Canada, the U.S. and Japan, they have honed their approach to the point of psychic connection. 

Pre-Save Which Way Am I? on Spotify and Apple Music

Which Way Am I? was once again recorded with producer Peter Woodford at his Montreal studio the Bottle Garden (Homeshake, TOPS, Tess Roby) and mixed by Mint veteran Jay Arner. The influence of New Zealand and Australia is still evident, to the point of Clark teasing Samson’s obsession with being signed to Flying Nun on the ripping “Penny Current Suppression Ring.” Yet Tough Age also introduce new colours into their musical palette, such as the hooky Television Personalities punk of “My Life’s A Joke & I’m Throwing It Away” or “Possession” featuring Claire Paquet on flute, nodding to the twee-pop of Look Blue Go Purple and pastoral textures of early King Crimson.